headshot2_portrait_smallThanks for visiting my site! I recently graduated with an MBA from Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. Beginning in June, I’ll join PURE Insurance as their Communications Associate, helping them primarily in the areas of content creation and social media strategy. I also use my well-refined grammar and writing skills to edit copy for US Games.

I love every aspect of digital, from inbound marketing to SEO to content creation to social media marketing. I spent the summer between my two years of business school with EarQ as their Communications Research and Content Creation Intern, where I helped to drive appointment requests through on-page SEO, content creation (23 blog posts!), social media strategy, and more. I have also gained experience working as a social media and search engine optimization strategy consultant for a local business in Syracuse called Side Hill Farmers in order to help them launch a new website and implement a new social strategy.

I absolutely love all things leadership, motivation, and teamwork related. I believe that the world can be improved only through strong and brave leadership in all aspects of life, and I blog about it! I also love yoga, reading, and the Oxford comma.